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Little common sense

Chuangjie glasses case life tell you: with good glasses, want to put it in a good spectacle case loaded up. Glasses case not only serves as a storage glasses, anti fall effect, glasses case could also as a works of art placed on the table. Looking at beautiful and lovely glasses case, I believe you in study or work is a kind of enjoyment, now with the glasses case changes constantly updated, style is more and more, below to learn about it.

1. Lovely cartoon both frame glasses case or contact lens case, we could see in the eye case printed with a lovely cartoon image. This many glasses friends like, as a print some lovely cartoon picture, it could according to their own like to pick their favorite cartoon characters.

2. Fashion bag type small delicate glasses case design into a small bag, do not wear glasses, put in the small bag inside, walking, shopping, to see how, it could not see the glasses case. With one hand and holding and unsuspecting people who thought that the wallet. Design different types, different colors, different background, according to the person's clothing, with the bag type glasses case, let you feel like walking in the forefront of the team.

3. The art of flower design type small color brightly colored contact lens case, like a flower placed in the (not necessarily flowers look can look like other), at first didn't it as glasses case, generally you will mistakenly think that is placed in the art. In fact, it is genuine contact lens box. Such glasses case which are could be brought to appreciate. Like friends can according to their favorite color to match one.

4. Meng type invisible glasses case could see a small animal Meng Meng, everyone will have an appreciation of the heart. The same, Meng Meng type design is designed to Meng Meng small animal head, coupled with a small animal that MOE's eyes, super cute, super cute. Many of my friends like Huan the models. Tired, take a look at the Meng Meng type case, is also a good choose.

5. Jewelry box type glasses case of the box look more stylish, texture is relatively light. We have seen a lot of jewelry boxes, making appearance are quite nice, at the same time, color also pay attention to more festive colors. Glasses box and the color is more bright. Shapes are there are many.

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