The concept of glasses case
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The concept of glasses case

The concept of glasses case

Glasses case is a tool for easy carrying and holding glasses. Is a simple optical device for vision correction or eye protection. It is composed by the lenses and frames. Myopic glasses, hyperopia glasses reading glasses and astigmatism glasses are all for vision correction. And basto, goggles, cindylaura sunglasses are for eyes protection. Glasses are tool to protect your eyes, also beauty decorations.In terms of lens functions, it could adjust the light into the eyes, improve your eye sight, do eye protection and treat the eye diseases. To children’s strabismus caused by refractive errors and the refractive error patient with headache both could be treated by wear glasses. To the function of spectacle frames, glasses cloth, glasses bags, spectacle cases, they not only fit the glasses, but also have function on decoration. Modern popular person have said: glasses shouldfit the facial makeup and the costume. Should be the symbol of social bracket,academy and fashion.

With the rapid development of social technology and the improvement of culture and living standard. Glasses will play an important role in people living area.

Optical materials: sheet material has three kinds: glass, resin , crystal. But generally speaking , myopic glass or resin are normal used , crystal are not.

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